Jennifer Asleson

Microbiology, Sterilization & Sterile Barrier Systems

Jennifer Asleson is a long-time consultant in the regulated pharmaceutical and medical device industry with experience from both technical and quality systems perspectives. She has over 25 years of experience and extensive knowledge of controlled environments, microbiology, sterilization, and laboratory processes, including ISO 13485 and ISO 9001, and implementation and compliance with AAMI Standards including: AAMI/ISO 11135, 11137, 11737, 17665, and ISO 14644. Ms. Asleson performs audits for Quality Systems, sterilization, microbiology and chemistry components, as well as Supplier Quality audits for raw materials and service providers. She has previously served as a microbiology technical expert for BSI Americas, a Sterilization Quality Engineer and Plant Quality Leader for W.L. Gore, and a Microbiologist/Biological Indicator Specialist for Becton Dickinson.